What is YieldBuild?

By November 12th, 2009

We’ve met a lot of people, both online and live, who have heard great things about us, but don’t really know what we do and if we’re a match for their site. This blog post will lay it all out for the curious searcher, and answer some of the most common questions for people interested in our service.

In short: YieldBuild is a free ad optimization service for publishers. We help publishers make more money from ad networks like Google AdSense, Microsoft pubCenter, and ValueClick. Since 2007, we  have helped almost 1,000 publishers make their ads perform better.

How does it work? YieldBuild uses a proprietary algorithm to figure out which ad (across available ad networks, and their formatting options) that perform best to maximize your ad revenue. So YieldBuild will determine, for instance, if a specific ad spot should be filled with a white-background text ad from AdSense, or a display ad from Advertising.com, or a gray-background contextual ad from Microsoft pubCenter, in order to make the most money from that piece of real estate.

The process is relatively simple:

  1. You set up an account with YieldBuild, and associate any ad network accounts that you’d like to use (we support many*)
  2. You follow our step-by-step installation guide that helps you embed YieldBuild ad tags into the spots on your site where you want ads to run
  3. YieldBuild will test a wide variation of ad layout permutations to train the algorithm for your site
  4. Once trained, YieldBuild will serve up the best-performing ads on your site, occasionally testing new layout variants that might work better (in case your traffic patterns change or in case ad blindness sets in)

Here are some answers to common questions (more are answered here in our FAQ):

  • Do you charge a fee?
    No, YieldBuild optimization is free. We used to charge a 3% impressions-based fee, but we phased that out in September 2009.
  • Are there any potential conflicts with the ad networks I work with?
    No. We have optimized AdSense and other networks for two years and have never had a publisher lose their ad network account simply for using YieldBuild. (We can not prevent you from getting banned for other reasons, however, like click fraud.)
  • Do you work with WordPress (Blogger, etc.)?
    Yes. We can work with any site or blogging/CMS platform. We do offer a step-by-step installation guide (our express install option) for  WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and vbForum.
  • What sites do you work with?
    We accept sites of any size, and any type (with the exception of adult, gambling, and other excluded site types).
  • What kind of improvement can I expect to see?
    That is entirely dependent on how well you had optimized your ads before using us, how much latitude you’ve given YieldBuild to optimize your site’s inventory, and the number of optimization options you’ve taken advantage of. An improvement of 20-50% is possible given the results we’ve seen among our top clients. (See some YieldBuild success stories.)
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2 Responses to “What is YieldBuild?”

  1. Clive Says:

    Where is your help section?

    How do we change the colours if we are not happy with the display?

    Why do the ads seem to use an extra line break? Its not as nice a display with extra white space in our content blogs for example.


  2. alex alaska p Says:


    i added a second site. i wanted to adjust color of my zoned ad but there wasn’t a feature to edit colors.


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