Will DFP Small Business remain free?

By February 22nd, 2010

dfp-small-businessPublishers using Google Ad Manager to manage their site ad scheduling and serving needs found an email from Google this morning notifying them that their Google Ad Manager account will be upgraded to DFP Small Business (DoubleClick for Publishers) over the course of the next couple of weeks. Along with the nomenclature change come an open API as well as an updated UI.

Google will also be moving (mainly large) publishers using DoubleClick DART for Publishers to a more feature-rich DFP over the course of a year.

Presumably DFP publishers will continue to pay for the ad serving service they’ve been receiving through DART. But what about DFP Small Business? Will the little guys continue to enjoy free ad serving on Google’s dime?

Although the product is self-service and tends to serve publishers with substantially lower traffic, the aggregate traffic volume of long-tail publishers must cost Google a pretty penny. DFP Small Business’s FAQ states that the free service is limited to publishers serving under 90 million ad impressions per month…excluding Google AdSense. Will that 90 million get the squeeze?

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One Response to “Will DFP Small Business remain free?”

  1. Bruce Allen Says:

    As someone who JUST moved all his ad management over to Google Ad Manager last week, I certainly hope so.

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