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AdSense: Google takes a third (32% to be precise)

Monday, May 24th, 2010

adsense-logo-gifSo much for the Google black box. Google ended years of publisher speculation when it just announced on its AdSense blog that it pays 68% of its revenue to its publishers for AdSense for Content. (It also adds that it pays out 51% of its revenue to its publishers for AdSense for Search)

The first question I had was “with what standard deviation?”. Does Google really pay out the same percentage to all of its publishers, large and small? The language of its post seems to indicate that, with the exception of large publishers with whom they have custom contracts, the 68% holds for everyone.

The second question I asked–and maybe this is just speculative–is “does that figure change?”. Google leaves that open, as its administration costs might change down the line, but the thing about putting a hard number out there is that it will be watched and commented on, and should it change against the publishers, expect an uproar. Since Google doesn’t exactly like to court resentment and bad PR, let’s assume the 68% is the lower bar for publisher payout going forward.

Third question: “what will AdSense publishers speculate on now that Google’s rev share is no longer a secret?”