Why don’t YieldBuild’s reports match that of Google and/or Quantcast?

By August 2nd, 2010

I’m frequently asked by publishers about YieldBuild reporting data and how it affects gross revenue. There are a couple of things to keep in mind about reporting that may answer a lot of these questions!

1. Delays – there can be delays in reporting from some of our ad networks if:

-You just created an account. It can take at least 3-4 days from when a site goes live for anyone to be able to track the progress
-You are signed up with multiple ad networks. Some of our ad partners are slower than others in reporting data – this is usually a 24 hour lag.
-It was just the weekend. As you can expect, some of our ad partners wait until Monday to report weekend progress. By Tuesday these reports should be up and accurate.

2. The PERFORMANCE and NETWORKS tabs are what reflect actual numbers.

Sometimes pubs get concerned because data under the PAGES or SITES tab does not match data under the PERFORMANCE and NETWORKS tabs. Keep in mind that the latter two are what reflect the actual numbers and the former two are merely YieldBuild’s internal estimates, which can be slightly inaccurate sometimes.

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2 Responses to “Why don’t YieldBuild’s reports match that of Google and/or Quantcast?”

  1. Codefight CMS Says:

    I want to disable auto playing video ads which are so annoying. And they are very bad on video pages, because of those ads, visitors can’t watch video properly and there have been so much complaint.
    I hope you will add option to opt out from those ads.

  2. Marina Lazarevic Says:

    Hi Codefight CMS,

    Only one network we work with serves audio ads, and unfortunately, we have to customize content/ad type restrictions with them on a per-site basis. Because we work with so many publishers, we don’t proactively disable them across the board, but can do so pretty quickly with a request!

    If you email me with your account ID and site URL, I’ll be able to take care of this for you.

    Also, in the future, could you email me directly with matters like these? You’ll get a much faster response! :)

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