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By December 22nd, 2011

It has indeed been a while since we’ve done a blog post, and it’s due time to both reflect on the past year as well as announce some of our big plans for 2012.

Over the last year, we’ve improved the algorithm we use for maximizing publishers’ revenue as well as expanded our coverage to international markets. We’ve made several changes:

  • We expanded international market coverage by partnering with industry leaders in Canada, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, South Africa, and Brazil. This has enabled us to secure much higher CPMs in these regions without sacrificing fill rate.
  • We’re allocating impressions and generating CPM forecasts based on individual geography CPMs as opposed to worldwide averages.
  • We secured fixed-rate CPMs for US inventory in Q1 and Q2.
With regards to 2012, YieldBuild will be doing more to enhance CPM forecasting and revenue maximization. We’ll focus on incorporating Real-Time Bidding (RTB) into our ad serving as well as factoring in the placement of individual ad units when determining how impressions get allocated to our networks.

In addition to this, there will be a handful of changes with regards to what services we’ll offer starting in January 2012:

  • Due to poor performance and low demand, we’re killing the Premium Text Ad Program (PTAP). All existing memberships will be deactivated in the first week of January. Fill rate will be made up for by adding additional display networks to the publishers affected.
  • We’re removing the direct Chitika Network association.
  • We’re reducing the quantity of Network partners to work more closely with the better performing networks – to help lift overall eCPMs.
  • New publishers must have at least 25,000 unique visitors a month.
  • We will no longer be providing direct support for existing publishers with less than 25,000 unique visitors a month. These publishers can continue to use YieldBuild as a self-service tool. Bug reports can be sent to publishersteam@yieldbuild.com.
We will continue to optimize Google AdSense for new and existing publishers.

These changes all together will add significant depth to the way in which YieldBuild decides how it places ads in the correct zones and at the optimal time so that publishers can reap the most reward. Feel free to leave comments or questions on this post.

The YieldBuild team wishes you a healthy, happy, and prosperous holiday season!

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